Walkie Talkie is an allround PR agency that creates both offline (print & audiovisual media) and online (bloggers, online editors, influencers, …) TalkValue through an everything-is-media communication approach.

We reach out to our extensive network of publishers, connect the right plugs, and help your company or brand to tune into the right frequency. By distributing a strategic, relevant content experience at the right wavelength we allow our clients to reach, touch and engage generations of influential tastemakers at their core. 


Over the past years we have gained experience within the lifestyle, food, fashion, automotive, tech, music & other industries.

WHAT IS Content PR?

In its essence, content PR is the extension of content marketing principles applied to public relations: Getting the word out there by generating interest instead of causing interruption. Walkie Talkie would rather precision drop a whisper and let it make waves that drift the right audience to the brand, than shout through a megaphone ordering everybody to jump into the pool (and hope someone is paying attention).

To this end, we deploy our antennas and set up a line of communication that allows a brand to:

  1. be in tune with its target audience
  2. know what the audience is talking about
  3. find out where they’re doing the talking at and
  4. create the content that speaks to the audience’s interests.
  • Curiosity reveals the heart of a story, so we tend to ask a lot of questions. We like to research extensively before shaping a fitting proposal for your needs. For that reason brainstorms and workshops are often a starting point for our work.

    When shaping a fitting strategy we try and integrate new trends & concepts relevant for your brand, appealing to your influential audience. Crossovers and collaborations are often the lovechild here, we help with connecting like-minded businesses.

    Your product means a great deal to us. Product launches get the support they need through branding, public/press relations, social/new media channels and for the more creative approaches we maintain a flexible collaboration with a network of expert partners.

  • Storytelling

    Content creation - we know how a story well told can change the world, we shape those stories crucial for your product/concept. Copywriting – we define the right tone of voice and shape relevant content fit for our and your influential audience. Content Seeding – we reach out to our network in a creative and fitting manner for your brand motivating people to talk / write / think about / experience your brand. Product seeding – we select a group of relevant individuals and have them experience your product up close and personal

    Social media support

    You have worked hard at drawing people’s attention, we help you in maintaining your online presence. Training & coaching are sometimes a necessity. We analyse, advise and guide you where needed. Monitoring tools help us in monitoring who’s talking about your brand and what they are saying.

    Stylist approach & showroom management

    We tune in with stylists who use your products for a shopping spread, product pages, a fashion shoot, etc.? Through our showroom we give them what they need.

    Press & blogger events

    You want to host an unique event and want to make sure your right crowd is attending? That’s where we come in play.

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Press room

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