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Walkie Talkie - A Volvo for a story Walkie Talkie - A Volvo for a story

A Volvo for a story

If you’ve got a story, Volvo’s got the car.” Starting from August, the Swedish carmaker wants to offer people a car in exchange for their stories.

Volvo is looking for people who need a car for an everyday situation that’s nevertheless unique. Suppose you want to make a road trip to a hot destination but your car has no air conditioning. Maybe your daughter is moving to her first apartment but your car is too small to help her out. Or you are throwing a bachelor party that just can use that extra touch.

Because Volvo has different types of models available, from large to small, luxurious to common, they can offer a car that perfectly suits your situation. They provide an optimal experience to make a unique moment in your life even better.

The campaign is fully launched and there’s still no end date. Do you want to experience a Volvo story and do you really need a car? Send in your story and who knows Volvo helps you out. In the meantime, you can already have a look at all the beautiful models in their range.