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Cowboy’s (new) VP of Product: Jeremy Le Van

Exiting news for us to share from Cowboy HQ as Jeremy Le Van (co-founder Sunrise, a well-designed calendar app which was acquired by Microsoft in 2015) announced that he will be joining Cowboy’s team as VP of Product.

Le Van, a well-known name when it comes to mobile app design, will lead the further development of the e-bike’s mobile app, which plays an essential part of the experience. Users can unlock their bike, configure the lights, check the battery and other stats with their phone. The app additionally helps owners track their bike through the built-in GPS (in case of theft).As a reminder, Cowboy designs and sells an affordable, light and sleek electric bike with removable battery. Their bikes are currently available in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. Read all about it on our pressroom (Dutch/French).