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Walkie Talkie - Internship - Intern - Eveline Hagenbeek

Hello Eveline!

Studying journalism, I quickly discovered that working in the news sector wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to pitch stories, explore the world of content creating and far beyond. I did an internship at Film Fest Gent where I was in charge of the website and social media. After that I travelled a lot and shared my experiences on my blog -some of those adventures even got published in national magazines. Now I work for my uncle’s business where I create content for the website and social media and try to reach out to bloggers who are interested in our products.

All these experiences led me to my internship at Walkie Talkie. Two of the co-founders – Valerie and Andrew- gave us a glimp of the PR-world during a lecture at my school. They had set up a brainstorm session for a fictional case. The way they worked and explained everything, made me apply for an internship here!

My first two weeks flew by. It’s a fun, young team to work with and I quickly felt at home at their city office. The last step before I enter the field and become a working gal!

Let’s get in touch: eveline@talkie.be