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Walkie Talkie - Internship - Alyssa - June 2017

Hi Alyssa!

I’m the new intern here at Walkie Talkie HQ. This was the first week of my twelve-week adventure – so far, so good! I haven’t tripped over any loose cords or called people by the wrong name. Yes, sometimes I’m clumsy like that, so this is already a big win for me! I have to say I was both excited and nervous when I arrived at the office monday morning, but now it’s just 100% enthusiasm to get started and find out what the PR world is all about.

I’m currently studying Multilingual Communication in Ghent, after finishing a degree in Applied Linguistics Studies. Over the years I have learned all about social media, communications, journalism, translation… All that good stuff that I can’t wait to practice at Walkie Talkie 🙂 During my studies I was lucky enough to live in Finland for a while, which was THE experience of a lifetime – although being mistaken as Finnish by locals for four months was somewhat confusing, since my vocabulary didn’t reach much further than ‘hello’ and ‘thanks’ when I was there. In my free time, I’ll take any chance I get to travel abroad for a few days. There is nothing I love more than exploring cities I haven’t been to with my camera ready to snap away all day. Catching up with friends over drinks or great Italian food comes a close second, though

Feel free to say hi, I’m always up to meet new people. Now, I’m ready to make this an unforgettable summer. But first… tea time.