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Why the right photography is so important for your brand?

When you think of your brand, is it more feminine or more masculine? Is it minimal or is it a bit moodier and dramatic? Photography tells the unique story of a brand. Essentially photography determines how people see your brand. It grabs attention, or not…

Picture this for a moment…when you are glancing through a magazine, do you actually read every page? Most likely not. Do you actually read the text that’s on the advertisements? I doubt it. If the photo draws your interest, then you will take the time to read the article or click on the Instagram post to discover the brand. This is why photography is so important. Photos grab the viewers’ attention, they tell stories & set the mood and tone.. The photos will help to bring the readers to your site and compel them to read your posts and stay longer.

As PR professionals, there is no bigger frustration when clients don’t have decent images to accompany their stories or content – it really does make or break a story. Sounds really superficial, but it’s reality. It’s not sales talk, It’s reality. Whatever platforms you use for your content – blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest,… – images are vital. There’s lots of research out there to show how images can help increase engagement. But let’s skip that part, we want to focus on why you should invest in photography. 

1. Get your message across

Ask yourself, if someone knew nothing about your business other than what they could see from a single photo, how would they describe you? Yes, it’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words. Photography is a much quicker way of getting a message across to your customers. Text is great and needed, but it takes more time to read a caption, an about page, or a pretty Instagram quote. Images take milliseconds. Think about it…the last time you heard of a new brand, I bet you grabbed your mobile, had a scroll on Instagram, maybe looked on their website, and in no time you had an idea of what kind of brand it is.

2. Media coverage

Journalists are being seduced by inspirational imagery too. Especially lifestyle journalists often select content based on the visuals, with the underlying idea of “what could convey an emotion amongst our readers”?  In some cases – such as announcing a new product – the media won’t even publish the story unless there’s a decent image to go with it. In other cases, having a good photo or collection of images can make all the difference between a small, text-based story and an elaborate feature. 

3. Maximise the value

Get some good images and you can use them across all your content platforms and marketing collateral.  Just think how much use you’ll get out of your photos.

This is what the experts say:

“In lifestyle photography, we bring the brand story to life by choosing the right props, the right styling, the right mood, the right angle… From my experience, the audience doesn’t look for images of products, their interest needs to be caught by showcasing the brand or the product in an inspiring or relevant setting. Throughout the years, I’ve seen the great impact good lifestyle photography has on brands and their sales. I’ve also seen how low quality photography and dull images can put off media from talking about a brand.“ Marta Majewska, stylist & photographer, co-founder of Studio Bun Bun production company 

With the explosion in the use of social media and remote interactions, photography became an essential communication medium. Photography is the best way to give a product fame, to represent a brand image and to capture the audience’ attention. Hence the extreme importance of the quality and creativity of imagery. This is why we are constantly working on unique and different images that capture the viewer’s eye. Arnaud De Harven,  founder & photographer We Are Oskar, a proudly independent photographic duo & a pair of brussels-based creative with an expertise ranging from photography to art direction, styling & production.

So in food styling and food photography, creating the right atmosphere is primordial. You want to tell a story and that story has to be right. It’s a cliché but one good image says more than a thousand words! By using the right props in the styling, you can reinforce your story. The light also plays an enormous role in a good photo. Is it that first spring sun or just that dark winter evening? Food styling and food photography are therefore inextricably linked. A beautiful synergy between the two ensures a beautiful end result.

Feel free to choose the path that best fits your needs and budget. And we are happy to help when needed!