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Walkie Talkie - STABILO - December 2017

New client: STABILO

You might have heard or read the news somewhere, but we repeat it with great pleasure: STABILO has recently become part of the Walkie Talkie family. Hurray!

STABILO is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of writing instruments. With over 1,400 employees they produce all of our favourite pens, pencils, etc. to highlight, color and write everything you want, both for young and old.

This new partnership will bring many creative activities forth. In the Children’s Museum in Brussels, for instance, toddlers can now indulge themselves freely on a life-size STABILO drawing. Further we will teach adults the joy of drawing in beautiful colouring books with their crayons box and focus on accentuating other products later on in the year.

Wondering what else STABILO does? Make sure to keep an eye on our socials as we will keep you up to date on all new STABILO products and events.