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Walkie Talkie - Justine Seynaeve - March 2018

New trooper Justine!

In my 24 years on this planet, my intuition has always been my most important guide. It led the way to a degree in French and English literature and linguistics and an Erasmus exchange in France. After having devoured and analysed approximately 569423 books, I did something counterintuitive by pursuing a second degree that involved a lot of mathematics and statistics, you can probably already guess what happened there…

Having decided that I had spent enough time studying, I wanted to find a job, but had absolutely no clue where to start! My interest in fashion brought me to the Flanders DC website, where I found a communication internship opportunity, and that is where the fun started! In November 2017, one of my dear Flanders DC colleagues took me with her to the press days in Antwerp. There, I had a first taste of PR and the positive Walkie Talkie vibes in their pop-up space and immediately applied for a job at their HQ in Ghent.

After that first internship, I became a sales and marketing intern for Belgian fashion designer Christian Wijnants. It was during that second experience that I received the wonderful news of being hired as a Junior PR Account Manager at Walkie Talkie! I literally could not stop smiling that day! So, after my February trip to the sun, palm trees, and painted walls of Miami, I set foot on – ice cold – Belgian soil again. Thanks to the vitamin D boost, I feel completely recharged for this new and exciting adventure with Walkie Talkie!

Want to get in touch? Feel free to contact me at justine@talkie.be