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Qbic Hotel welcomes character

Qbic Hotel Brussels has just opened its doors in the trendy neighbourhood Ixelles. Business travellers, families or locals will adore this new place in town– a unique setting for dining, working, relaxing or hanging out and of course simply enjoying a good night’s sleep. Between the bustling nightlife of Flagey and Avenue Louise, the latest Qbic location is the perfect base to explore everything Brussels has to offer. “We’ve invested time, passion and all our energy to make Qbic Brussels just right for today’s modern travellers,” says Bert Vandewaetere, General Manager at Qbic Hotel Brussels. “If you are bored with conventional hotels, Qbic simply is the best escape: pretty and surprisingly affordable, sustainably built and comfortable as nowhere else.

Sleep, Eat, Meet

Qbic is much more than just a hotel though. The 148 rooms are built around the “Qbi”, a sustainable design that is present in every Mini, Cosy, Fun or Fancy room. The bedhead of each Qbi is brightened up with a cartoon image of either Tintin’s or Nero’s adventures.

If you’re looking for a great place to hang out then head over to Motley, Qbic’s bar and restaurant!  Enjoy delicious sharing boards or hot pots with locally supplied ingredients, and explore the insane variety of boardgames with your friends! They even have a shuffleboard!

“If life was to end tomorrow, you’d want to spend the night with your loved ones at Qbic” (wink)