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Walkie Talkie - This Is Antwerp - D.A.T.E. - The Antwerp 13 - December 2017


Discover Antwerp Through Experience

From March 14 to March 18, 13 international young creatives – christened ‘The Antwerp 13‘ – were given the opportunity to discover Antwerp in a fun and interactive way. ‘The Antwerp 13’ were carefully selected by Walkie Talkie after they had signed up to D.A.T.E.

During a four-day creative boot camp, our guests were immersed in a creative bath of studio visits, workshops and brainstorming sessions. The participants got to see both the popular and lesser known hotspots. The visits of the Antwerp 13 included PARIS TEXAS, Wonderbüro, Idealabs, De Muze, De Zwarte Panter. Everywhere they came they were given some explanation on the operation and the history of the company. Very interesting!

A D.A.T.E.-day looked like this: The guests started their day with a delicious breakfast, then enjoyed the educational meetings with young entrepreneurs / artists and finally enjoyed tasty dinners in the evening. Network possibilities galore!
“What do you want more ?!”

At the end of the D.A.T.E bootcamp an open conference was held for which interested people could enroll. “Unfortunately” all seats were sold out in no time. Both international and national speakers and the 13 participants took the floor. Topic of the evening were the different cultural perspectives on creativity and entrepreneurship.