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Walkie Talkie - CASE STUDYO - Jean Julien - Face Plates - January 2017

Face plates – and every meal becomes a happy meal

The Belgian brand CASE STUDYO is always on the lookout for partnerships with modern artists to make limited edition series. Collaborations with Parra, Steve Harrington or Boris Tellegen previously led to beautiful furniture, wonderful design objects and useful items.

This time they have truly outdone themselves: they have teamed up with the French graphic designer Jean Julien. Together they created a series of 6 handmade porcelain plates. Julien painted the plates with faces in his characteristic, pure and humorous style.

The plates will give you a feeling of happiness. Not only because of the funny drawings but also because of the joyful colours and playful shapes. If you’re not a morning person, try to eat your breakfast on a face plate and let your day be as colourful as ever.
They’re for sale at €300 for 6 plates at www.casestudyo.com