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Walkie Talkie - Savencia - St. Môret - Product Launch - June 2017

Sweet dreams are made of St. Môret cheese

We don’t know about you, but one of our favorite things in the world is a looooong (six o long!), relaxing weekend brunch! So, what better way to introduce the new and fresh St. Môret Apéritif and the rest of the product range, than during a colorful spring brunch with a small framily of influencers and bloggers?

Location of the day: the fairytale garden of Alix – Jardin et table d’amis. The perfect hub for a relaxed  get-together in Ghent, complete with an imaginative touch of fairy dust and magical atmosphere. The table was stacked with some of the most delicious products, from oven-baked bread to stuffed figs and a heavenly courgette cheese cake. Host and creative chef Alix inspired everyone with her combinations and healthy recipes. The best part? All invitees could unleash their inner cook and make their own creations with some St. Môret cheeses. Everyone went home with a selection of St. Môret products to get creative in their own kitchen. Because after all, sweet dreams really are made of cheese.

Now it’s your turn to set up your own brunch! Steal a couple of recipes from https://www.ilovecheese.be/recepten/ & let your friends bring the rest 😉

Ingrid Verhoeven celebrates her 5 year anniversary

Monochrome Clouds is the sixth and latest collection by Ingrid Verhoeven, designed to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Antwerp jewellery brand.

Ingrid’s latest collection is sober and combines monochrome paper surfaces to a graphic whole. Ingrid thus leaves her mark: a meeting between graphic design and strong colors! Monochrome Clouds is a series of brooches, necklaces and earrings. She works with the classic materials silver and gold but also uses less obvious materials such as ink, paint and markers.

Red, blue, green and black are central to the collection but through the use of paper, an unusual material in the jewellery sector, she tries to give a modern twist to the more classic color palette.

In addition to her paper collections, Ingrid Verhoeven also manufactures different rings and bracelets! So plenty of choice to brighten up your outfit and the fun thing is, you can buy the earrings separately and so mix the different collections. Prices range from 68 to 382 euros and will be available from September 17 at the store of Ingrid Verhoeven in Antwerp.

Like some more information? Be sure to read our press release on this link.

Ed Templeton x Case Studyo

CASE STUDYO, publisher and producer of limited edition artworks and art objects by a broad range of contemporary artists such as Parra, Steven Harrington, Steve Powers etc, recently released a new collaboration with American artist Ed Templeton. Find out everything about this unique piece titled ‘LAMP’ on our press room.

Visit the CASE STUDYO site for a full list of collaborations and keep an eye open as some really nice works will be released in the near future.