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The happy world of HARIBO

We bet that these iconic sweets ring a bell: Frogs, Happy Cola, Happy Cherries, Hearts and duh-uh… the HARIBO Goldbears. Belgians have been eating this candy for decades and they evoke (quite a few) pleasant nostalgic feelings. It turned out that many people cannot choose between their favourite HARIBO sweets at all, ‘just because… they are all so incredibly tasty and addictive‘. For that reason HARIBO teamed up with Walkie Talkie to celebrate the introduction of the #FavouritesMix containing a selection of HARIBO’s iconic sweet masterpieces #VoorAlsJeNietKanKiezen. Sweet!

Influencer Approach

For this occasion our team hand-picked 10 candy enthusiasts to model in a colourful #HariboMixen photo shoot. The result? An exciting influencer campaign with familiar faces around the new HARIBO #FavouritesMix