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Walkie Talkie - Traineeship - Marie Loosen

Hi Marie! New Trainee

Bye Amsterdam, well hello Ghent!

I’m the new Talkie member and this is my first week, YAY! I’m excited and a bit nervous at the same time. There are lots of new things happening at the moment, we’re only Thursday and this week I climbed off a rock in the Ardennes, moved in with my boyfriend in Ghent and started to work at Walkie Talkie. New people, new adventures, that’s exactly what I love.

I’m a passionate online creative, freshly graduated in Digital Media at Thomas More. During my studies I went on Erasmus to Barcelona to practice my Spanish and last semester I did an Internship in Amsterdam where I learned more about PR and influencer marketing.

I applied for the program Heaven Can Wait and got selected to do a one-year long paid traineeship within the &KOO network. I’m so thankful for getting this unique opportunity to gain some experience within the world of design, marketing, communication and technology.

Meanwhile I’m drinking my tea, thrilled about all inspiring things to come. Want to have some tea-time together? Just send an e-mail to marie.loosen@talkie.be.