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Walkie Talkie - Deborah Dekrem - Account Manager - New Team Member

Welcome Deborah!

In 2012 I graduated as Manager Interactive Communication at Thomas More Mechelen. During this postgraduate I got the chance to follow an exciting internship at Boondoggle Leuven. After this training I ended up at Seamonster in Ghent, a TV production house where I mainly worked for vtmKzoom and supported the startup of tagmag.be. During that period, I also worked as a culinary editor for Flair. My twin sister Jasmina and I took care of the weekly section ‘Met de zusjes aan tafel’.

My first experiences in PR took place at Ogilvy Public Relations in Brussels. Shortly after, I started working at King George – the mad creative agency in Sint Niklaas. The past four years, I worked as a PR account and copywriter on clients such as S.Pellegrino, Barbecook, Manutti and Honest. In 2018, I finally found my place in the PR-world as an Account Manager at Walkie Talkie 🤗

8 things to know about me:

  • My zodiac sign is Gemini. A funny coincidence if you know that I also have a twin sister. And two brothers who are also twins. (Yep, can’t make it up!).
  • I have an obsession with coffee and I drink an excessive amount of it daily. I literally can’t leave home in the morning without my take-away coffee mug.
  • As a true food enthusiast, I am sort of renowned for my cooking skills. Sidenote: I’m still secretly nervous when friends or family come over to have dinner.
  • I actually prefer the mountains to the beach for a relaxing holiday (although I was a beach lifeguard for seven summers)
  • Despite the fact that I love traveling, I am actually the ultimate stay-at-home kind of woman.
  • I’m a true plant lover. I always try to sneak in new plants into our home without my boyfriend noticing it.
  • I spent far too much money on cushions, candles and deco stuff  in general.
  • My ‘sporty good intention’ for this year? Cycling up Mont Ventoux!

    Contact Deborah via deborah@talkie.be!