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Walkie Talkie - Danone - December 2016 Walkie Talkie - Danone - December 2016 Walkie Talkie - Danone - December 2016


Early 2015, Activia reached out to Walkie Talkie for a influencer approach suitable to reach active women during the launch of their new product, Fusion. At that time, we saw a trend in online conversation amongst women who were struggling to find quality time for themselves or their family. Tapping into this hot topic in a way that would be valuable to Activia, several related articles ended up going viral amongst the brand’s target audience. Our goal quickly became to make Activia a positive enabler for women, giving them some ‘digital’ me-time and a positive break during their busy days.


How did we achieve this? By setting up “#boostyourpositivity”, a large scale (blogger) challenge that took place over the course of a month. Each week, Activia and four female ambassadors would share hands-on tips & tricks concerning a specific topic (Inner & Self – Energy & Positivity – Day to Day – Destress & Relax) and encourage others to do the same. In support of #boostyourpositivity, we developed a platform as a central place for all information, registration, blog, Twitter and Instagram posts. This hub became a daily tool for our #boostyourpositivity movement; a place where the blogosphere could read & discover other people’s tips and tricks on how to deal with a hectic lifestyle.

By the end of the month, on international women’s day, we held blog brunches in Brussels and Ghent to celebrate the completion of Activia’s challenge. Over 150 bloggers supported #boostyourpositivity, with numerous blog posts spreading Activia’s positive message as a result. Later that same year, using what we learned from our first edition, we set up a similar challenge in support of a larger nationwide campaign. With over 200 participants, the reactions were still positive. As a result, we can conclude that honest, grass roots type content clearly works for Activia. To this day, Walkie Talkie continues to support the brand’s efforts & objectives.

  • Development of high impact nationwide blogger campaign
  • Brand visibility for Activia
  • Collaboration with renowned bloggers
  • Build up fan and seeding community
  • Press, blogger & influencer relations for brand
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Organization and hosting of events
  • Social Media Support