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BRU® is the only Belgian water that comes out of our soil naturally sparkling, a unique position to claim. This is an important message to spread to key press and influencers, as they hardly know that this water is 100% Belgian, natural and pure.

BRU®️ asked Walkie Talkie as their all-round PR agency to portray these key facts of the brand towards press & influencers as well as their switch to rPET plastic for all plastic packaging. rPET contributes to BRU® being more ecological as a brand. To highlight those key messages Walkie Talkie provided two separate project strategies. Find out more below.

As local as

To emphasise the local aspect of BRU, Walkie Talkie translated BRU’s As Local As campaign into a press and influencer ‘eat local, drink local’ approach, joining forces with three local top chefs: Willem Hiele, Stéfan Jacobs and Christophe Hardiquest. They were asked to reinterpret a typical Belgian local dish. Besides sending out a dedicated press release, Walkie Talkie pitched those high-end recipes to food journalists along with the opportunity to interview one of the chefs. This resulted in 24 articles with a reach of almost 1 million eyeballs. To boost the campaign on socials, 10 different food influencers recreated the chefs’ recipes. In addition, the influencers also created their own favourite local dish, always emphasising the use of local products. This resulted in 205 social posts, blog posts and Instagram stories, with an estimated reach of 780K people and more than 8K engagements.

To highlight the rPET story we collaborated with Studio Stories for lifestyle visuals to accompany the press release dedicated to rPET and other upcoming press releases. We also sent out a hard copy press kit to 10 key journalists including the new rPET bottle and a provocative question “which bottle is the greenest?”. This resulted  in 22 quality clippings with a reach of almost 1.5 million people.

  • Develop creative PR hooks and influencer concepts, all year round
  • Ensure constant national media coverage
  • Coordinate PR content creation
  • Establish key messages of BRU® through press communication
  • Establish a fitting influencer approach, an influencer community with real BRU® ambassadors
  • Work closely together with the advertising agency Happiness