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Dinner on the Lake

Dinner On The Lake is a pop-up concept that allows you to experience Michelin star four course meals while floating on a lake. Ready for its fourth edition, the founders took their concept yet again to a higher level. With a new and improved deck, not one but two locations and a different Michelin star chef designed menu every month, they’re reaching for the stars.


Having worked on previous editions we ensured that Dinner On The Lake’s fourth edition also received the national press coverage it deserves by sending out press releases and inviting journalists, Belgian celebrities and influencers to join a magical evening aboard.

The press dinners were a great success among the influencers and celebrities. They were raving about the entire experience from the food and decoration to an enchanting view at sunset. The best way to show potential customers the concept is to show them the experiences of others.

  • Making Dinner On The Lake visible as a brand
  • Establish Dinner On The Lake in the Belgian media landscape with focus on the novelties
  • Build up a fan community
  • Press, blogger & influencer relations
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Editorial visits
  • Development of crossover & collaboration strategies
  • Calculation of PR-values
  • Facilitate influencer collaborations