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FrieslandCampina Voka Open Bedrijvendag

Every first Sunday of October since 1991, hundreds of Flemish companies open their doors to the general public on a day known as ‘Voka Open Bedrijvendag’ – an event for which we are working for the fifth year in a row. After the digital edition in 2020, a first hybrid version took place in 2021 where people could visit companies both physically and online. Historically, the official kick-off moment is given by a leading  company that has something to announce or celebrate. ​​We reached out to FrieslandCampina and brought our two clients together in a win-win situation for a joint event. After all: our dairy client celebrated its 150th anniversary and its latest sustainability initiative. 

This entailed  some challenges: how to prevent an overlap between both clients regarding the pitching of journalists? How to convince journalists to attend the kick-off at FrieslandCampina whereas at the same time dozens of other companies opened their doors as well – all of them deserving of media attention as part of Voka Open Bedrijvendag, too? And how to draw media attention twice in a short time span: before the event to have news pieces inform visitors – and afterwards with how the event went? 

A continuous stream of coverage

Our team addressed these topics by first offering journalists of news and regional media and local East Flanders’ media the opportunity to visit FrieslandCampina, and by focusing on other companies for the press we had in mind for the four other Flemish regions. We provided media with press releases and (video) images of both clients two weeks prior to the event, so their news pieces could make potential visitors aware. As soon as the event ended, we sent a highlight-stuffed recap of the event to the appropriate news managers.

We secured a continuous stream of coverage as the business-focused tv station Kanaal Z shot a news report featuring both clients two days before the event, and a wide range of media picked up our press releases. We then secured and guided on-site interviews at FrieslandCampina on the first Sunday of October for among others VTM’s news report, Belga and Het Nieuwsblad. After pitching the recap of the event, we managed to secure mass radio coverage on Sunday evening too – with a news piece including a reaction from Voka Open Bedrijvendag on Radio 1, Radio 2, StuBru, MNM and Klara. In total: we reached 40 clippings that featured both clients while managing over 250 news pieces – including 16 TV news reports and 40 radio clippings – for other companies that opened their doors as well.

  • Develop and create PR hooks around a hybrid event featuring two clients
  • Ensure constant media coverage for two clients before, during and after the press event
  • Management of written, visual and audio content – press release, photos and videos towards on- and offline press
  • Guiding media-interviews on site
  • Copywriting