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When it comes to garden care, GARDENA is the preferred brand of millions of home and garden owners worldwide. With roots in Germany, GARDENA today crowns itself the largest brand for high-quality garden tools in Europe, offering innovative solutions for everyday gardening. GARDENA comes up with some product innovations every year, but in addition, the existing range must also be continuously highlighted. To change tactics, we looked at gardening from the point of view of children, because we want to teach them young. Besides a dedicated press release, we also collaborated with 20 momfluencers who were seeded with a fun package to get started in the garden with their children.

the joy of gardening with kids

With a minimal budget, we put together a nice and kid-friendly gardening kit that was sent to 20 momfluencers. Besides focusing on GARDENA products, we wanted to involve children in some garden chores through play. After all, gardening is healthy, extremely educational and the ideal way to get children to spend more time outdoors. GARDENA was profiled as a facilitator. This resulted in great and qualitative (non-paid) content and very enthusiastic reactions from parents with a total reach of 115.30K.

Especially for this seeding, we designed GARDENA branded growing paper. This way, we hoped to really “flourish” the message and prevent the attached card from ending up in the paper bin. The package to make your own seed bombs probably had the most success. As this does not fit within GARDENA’s product range, we developed a cool step-by-step plan with matching craft ideas. The GARDENA kids gloves and garden tools came in very handy.

  • Making GARDENA visible as a brand 
  • Creating a new concept that presents gardening with kids
  • Develop high impact PR concepts and hooks to communicate (new) products and brand strategies
  • Seed the range to selected influencers and key trendsetters
  • Position GARDENA as a specialist in gardening for all age
  • Development and implementation of (product) seeding strategies and community building