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Kinepolis is an innovative Belgian cinema chain with over 50 cinemas – spread across Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Poland – committed to giving millions of visitors an unforgettable movie experience.

Walkie Talkie handles Kinepolis’ national press relations since 2017. We ensure constant media coverage for Kinepolis events and news, while trying to create awareness for their diverse range of concepts: family oriented events, live concerts and ballet, tailored experiences for Valentine’s Day and Halloween, new film release, and much more. Our approach varies from sending out press releases to a wide selection of media (from cultural to film and allround lifestyle press) to pitching interviews and inviting key journalists to exclusive press screenings.


Our team connects Kinepolis with the right audience by inviting influencers to film premieres at one of their many movie theaters or at out of the ordinary locations (how about experiencing the horror film The Nun in an actual church?). Besides that, we collaborate with influencers as hosts for events or set up magical events: we organized a Kinepolis Christmas Soirée for influencers, turning their fave movie complex into a Winter Wonderland and shining a light on Kinepolis as THE perfect Christmas outing. And there’s more: Walkie Talkie also lends a hand in the development of (seeding) campaigns. The funnest seeding of all? A tough pick between that time we sent influencer moms & their kids fluffy slippers to go to one of Kinepolis’ Morning Kids Screenings or that time we sent the cutest boxes for Disney’s Christopher Robin. 


  • Support Kinepolis’ national press office
  • Contact key journalists in different fields with relevant press releases
  • Copywriting and editing of press releases
  • Invite influencers and press to screenings
  • Ensure media coverage for Kinepolis’ diverse range of concepts
  • Host press events 
  • Set-up interviews with media outlets 
  • Generate online and offline buzz