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More than 11 years after the renovations started, KMSKA (the Royal Museum of Arts in Antwerp) is finally ready to be revealed to the public. Once again, the art museum can show off its modern and classical collection. Did you know they have one of the most impressive Rubens collections in the world? Over the course of eleven years, not only the museum changed but also the media landscape. The rise of digital media suggests a need to focus on all new platforms to reach an entirely new generation of youngsters that have never heard of nor visited the museum. As many international examples have proven, TikTok is an excellent media outlet for a museum to communicate with its audience, the direction Walkie Talkie suggested when the client asked us for a solid TikTok strategy. 

Through TikTok a museum can build a brand and show off their impressive art collection. We helped KMSKA with a full TikTok strategy, content brainstorm and the content creation for their new social media channel. After an extensive content brainstorm with the client, where we discussed the needs and wants of their content, we proposed a 360° strategy, containing creative formats based on the latest trends and copy guidelines to reach as many as possible on the platform. In addition we provided the necessary advertisements set up for the app.

TikTok training

The first few TikToks were created in joint collaboration with their own social media manager as part of the hands-on training we also offered our client. By doing so, the social media manager could acquire the necessary skills to make future content for the channel. Walkie Talkie provided 3 content production days so the TikTok account of KMSKA could launch a few months before the opening and a large amount of TikTok concepts were ready to post.

The first video posted on the channel went viral, adding more than 1000 new followers to the channel. A great way to launch the brand on the platform! The post gained both likes and views in a short amount of time. However, not only likes and views count as a metric but also the sentiment of the comments put a big smile on our clients faces. It has become very clear that the TikTok audience is really fascinated by all things art, and especially the art collection of KMSKA. What a great way to count the days towards the opening of the museum!


  • Making KMSKA visible as a brand (on TikTok)
  • Training & coaching of the social media manager
  • Coordinate content creation & video production
  • Social Media Support