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Loop is a Belgian earplug designer and manufacturer with a mission: normalize hearing protection and let people live their lives at their volume. Their smart, reusable earplugs give users control over excess sound.

Antwerp-natives and friends Maarten Bodewes (36) and Dimitri O (36) shared some loud hobbies: motorcycles, partying, DJ’ing… When they both ended up suffering from tinnitus, they couldn’t find earplugs that were comfortable, looked good, were affordable and didn’t kill the music quality. That lead them to found Loop in 2016. By now, the company’s explosive growth has translated into over 1 million earplugs sold around the world.

brand awareness

Traditionally, the lion’s share of Loop’s sales are made outside of Belgium. However, the company also wanted to increase awareness and sales in their home market, and asked Walkie Talkie to spearhead a press campaign along several fronts. Firstly, get the entrepreneur story of founders Dimitri and Maarten out there with selected in-depth interviews in financial economical as well as regional media. Secondly, generate product coverage with press reviews and  shopping pages. And last but not least, generate broader articles focusing on (preventing) hearing damage and noise sensitivity, linked to interviews with Loop founders and an independent expert backing the Loop product and story. Next to this, we also work on attaining thought leadership for Loop in Belgium by arranging speaking opportunities at relevant seminars, conferences, or in podcasts about entrepreneurship or other suitable topics.

Fun fact: after pitching the topic of “earplugs made for festivals” to Het Nieuwsblad ‘Check!’ consumer pages, they decided to conduct a test of ten earplugs, lead by an expert in the field. Loop came out on top, and sales in Belgium doubled the weekend the article was published.

  • Increase the brand awareness and sales of Loop in Belgium through a thorough press communication approach.
  • Generate thought leadership in the earplug, noise sensitivity and hearing protection sphere for Loop and their founders in Belgium.
  • Develop a nationwide seeding program targeted at journalists and opinion leaders.
  • Conclude product reviews and coverage in shopping pages for Loop products.