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In the spring of 2022, the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Ghent approached us regarding the nearing launch of its platform Magditonline.be. The site contains tangible tips to safely depict your children on social media, and provides influencers information about the new legislation. The goal? To better protect minors and sensitize parents to safely portray their offspring online, by informing them about the long-term consequences and possible privacy issues. 

This led to some challenges. How to create a story that is both appealing for general news media as for lifestyle magazines – and make them communicate about it simultaneously? How to capture the amount of information into a snackable summary for journalists? And how to seize the moment without a top topical linked to the launch of the platform?

Embargoed storyline

We approached the general press with an embargoed general interest storyline featuring the scientific point of view of Liselot Hudders – professor of communication sciences. Lifestyle media were pitched with an embargoed storyline tailored to their many mommy readers, featuring the point of view of radio host Jolien Roets who has over 40K influencers on Instagram. We summarized the nine tips for parents to better protect their offspring online and shared the four watch outs – based on previous interviews with experts of 13 organizations such as Child Focus.  We stated the necessity of the platform by underlining the rise of so-called kidfluencers and the fact that a recent Flemish research showed that 75% of influencers are in favor of  a tailored code of ethics as many of them receive questions by people who see them as peers or idols. 

We delivered a grand slam. Numbers don’t lie: the nearly 60 clippings in every possible format – online and offline, radio as well as tv – covered pretty much every relevant Flemish medium. Both Liselot as multiple influencers were interviewed numerous times – by VTM, VRT, Het Laatste Nieuws and others. The total ad value was no less than 82,7 times the PR budget total. That’s impressive, even for our standards.

  • Ensure simultaneous media coverage and timely interviews from both general news and lifestyle media 
  • Development and management of a story by creating tailored news hooks
  • Position the University of Ghent as a thought leader when it comes to online communication about your own offspring 
  • Copywriting
  • Press mailings