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PLAY Kortrijk

PLAY was a contemporary art festival organised from the 23rd of June until the 11th of November in the beating heart of Kortrijk. Visitors were able to immerse themselves in a unique world of (inter)national visual art installations across the town.

To launch PLAY Kortrijk, Walkie Talkie took charge of several press conferences (and other moments) for national news and cultural media. An initial press conference was set up to announce all participating artists and supported by an extensive follow up through a national press release. At the official start of the festival we also hosted an exclusive press opening in the presence of PLAY’s curators, several artists and other important stakeholders. The result was a wide range of coverage: from must-do tips with kids in lifestyle media to more in-depth interviews in newspapers and their weekend editions.

PLAY date for bloggers

Furthermore, to highlight PLAY Kortrijk as a perfect family outing during the summer holidays and even in autumn, Walkie Talkie invited a selection of mommy bloggers to experience the city circuit with their family. They got to try out the ‘PLAY city game’, a fun package that lets young kids explore Kortrijk (and the world of contemporary art!).

  • Host press conference
  • Organize press opening for national press
  • Invite bloggers to experience PLAY Kortrijk
  • Ensure coverage for PLAY Kortrijk as must-do art outing during the holidays
  • Set-up interviews with curators and artists
  • Generate bigger articles in national newspapers and magazines