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PLAYMOBIL® has long been praised for its pedagogical and educational values, stimulating children to make up stories, impersonate characters and experience the world in miniature for over 50 years. This was an aspect we wanted to highlight more in-depth with media and other relevant contacts. We therefore devised a new way to communicate this to their audiences…

Inspired by classical storytelling, we developed “PLAYMOBIL® Stories”: 6 interactive audio stories for children aged 4 years and up. The stories – written by Thaïs Vanderheyden (a popular local children’s author) aim at stimulating children to use their imagination, enhance their vocabulary and build their early literacy skills.

Each story lasts about 5 minutes and includes original music, crisp sound effects and additional engaging voices. WALKIE TALKIE developed the concept and these wonderful sound universes with the support of Lunar Gravity & Sonhouse.


The launch was supported by a media/press approach and extensive (unpaid) influencer outreach for which we developed a series of seeding kits. These kits – that took their inspiration from 3 story universes (Pirates, Mars & Knights) – were delivered to a mix of influencers with children in our core target, informing them about PLAYMOBIL® Stories and encouraging them to share their first experiences. And at all times we emphasized the creative and educational value of PLAYMOBIL®

Now head on over to and find out what Yeti or the Pirates got mixed up in!

In the first month we saw:

  • 25k unique users – 92k pageviews (3-4 stories on average/visitor)
  • We reached Playmobil’s “core” audience with 72% users were female,  51% aged 25 – 44
  • 50% of traffic was generated through social: 20% referral links and 30% traffic direct through our PR efforts
  • Instagram stories saw an impressive conversion rate of 13.42%
  • Bounce rate of 10% (industry average for ad campaigns is between 70%-90%)
  • 426k people reached through social