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The new Instax mini 11: Don’t just take, give.

FUJIFILM kicked off 2020 with the launch of a new instax camera: the mini 11. Available in 5 different colorways, we were asked to devise a fitting communication approach and opted to collaborate with 5 instax-ambassadors who were each linked to one of the instax mini’s 11 colors: Blush Pink, Ice White, Sky Blue, Lilac Purple and Charcoal Gray. As we really needed these visuals to pop in order to do justice to the vibrant colours  we also partnered with Belgian photographer Mous Lamrabat for the occasion.

ambassadors in their own colourful setting

Mous portrayed each of the 5 instax-ambassadors in their own skilfully styled  monochromatic setting. On the day of the release they each shared their portrait and announced the new instax mini 11. A week later, they organised a giveaway to give their audience the opportunity to win this new instax family member. Our ambassador campaign turned a lot of heads with a total reach of 542,7K on Instagram through their own channels. Additionally the imagery supported our PR efforts and Fujifilm’s owned channels.

  • Support product launch
  • Coordinate content creation
  • Making the new instax mini 11
  • Develop and create PR hooks around the instax mini 11
  • Build up a fan and seeding community
  • Build influencer relations for the brand
  • Ensure media coverage for the instax mini 11 in Belgium with a focus on lifestyle and shopping publications