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Vijf TV

VIJF is a Belgian commercial television station, launched in 2012. VIJF primarily has a female target group, focusing on funny reality shows, romantic series, and human interest programs.

Screenings and premieres

VIJF contacted Walkie Talkie to strengthen the connection between the channel, bloggers and other online influencers. Walkie Talkie regularly invites them to screenings and premieres of new television shows (‘Scandal’, ‘All you need is Jani’, ‘Temptation Island’, for example) or bigger events like the celebration of 10 years of VIJF. We also regularly send out blogger packages containing sneak previews of what’s coming to a television screen near you (e.g. Mistresses launch).

  • Brand visibility
  • Blogger and influencer relations or organisation)
  • Seed products to selected influencers and key opinion leaders/tastemakers
  • Build up a fan and seeding community
  • Development and implementation of (product) seeding strategies and community building