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Vincent Sheppard

Paper design furniture… Belgian brand Vincent Sheppard is known for their iconic design furniture constructed with the renowned Lloyd Loom technique. Not only their designs make the brand so unique, but also their rich history is remarkable… 1917 was the year that the Lloyd Loom manner was introduced in a collection of typical English furniture. The characteristic ‘woven’ chairs were soon all the rage in Europe. In 1992 the Belgian company Vincent Sheppard decided to pick up the thread of this remarkable tradition and craftsmanship. This resulted in a dazzling collection of contemporary furniture that blended classic lines with elegant innovation by continuously reinterpreting the legacy of woven paper design. The success was immense. Anno 2017, both Vincent Sheppard and Lloyd Loom have a reason to celebrate! Happy 25th birthday and happy 100th birthday!

Walkie Talkie helps Vincent Sheppard in maintaining their relationship with key media, stylists and bloggers. Our aim? Putting the brand on their radar as one of Belgium’s iconic design brands. We shine the (well deserved) spotlight on Vincent Sheppard, through either pitching their numerous stories, highlighting some iconic furniture pieces and by organising a selected showroom service. We set up (press) visits to their atelier in West-Flanders where invitees get a spectacular behind the scenes and interview the inspiring people that make the brand.

In the future we will continue to search for interesting stories to tell, such as the brand’s 25th birthday or the celebration of 100 years Lloyd Loom, the technique the brand uses to design their furniture.

  • Press, blogger and influencer relations for the brand
  • Day-to-day PR representation of the brand in Belgium
  • Copywriting and editing of press releases
  • Ensure constant media coverage with a strong focus on design media
  • Support product launches
  • Host press visits