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Visit Flanders

Visit Flanders is the agency responsible for Flanders touristic development with one main goal: increase tourist visits and revenue. Visit Flanders reaches out to tourists abroad and showcases what’s new in the Flemish region of Belgium with the local beer, chocolate and cycling traditions.

Walkie Talkie assists them with promotion and increasing Flanders online visibility by contact travel and lifestyle bloggers and get them to them discover different destinations in Flanders.

Belgian beer

In September 2015, Visit Flanders wanted to get a group of international bloggers to Flanders for a trip focusing on Belgian beer. To broaden the angle, they also focused on the lifestyle aspect. Walkie Talkie found six relevant bloggers from Copenhagen, Milan, and even NYC. After contacting them, Walkie Talkie gave suggestions for the project based on their blog content and joined the press trip. Together, the six bloggers made more than 336 posts, reaching 7,174,422 followers!

  • Collaboration with renowned bloggers
  • Ensure media coverage on the blogs
  • Support press trip
  • Calculation of PR-values