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Walkie Talkie - Danone - Vitalinea - Elfi - December 2016 Walkie Talkie - Danone - Vitalinea - Toykyo - December 2016 Walkie Talkie - Danone - Vitalinea - Toykyo - December 2016 Walkie Talkie - Danone - Vitalinea - Toykyo - December 2016


Danone is a leader in the food industry with a vast collection of new and healthy yogurt-based products. In mid 2014, the world’s #1 dairy company turned to Walkie Talkie to assist in creating and executing fitting PR concepts and strategies. In the summer of 2015, Walkie Talkie began work for their brand Vitalinea for the launch of their new Vitalinea Plus product line. What’s distinctive about this yoghurt is its texture, being firm and rich in proteins. Vitalinea Plus is proposed as a healthy breakfast, snack or after a light meal.


Our mission: get the Belgian blogosphere to discover Vitalinea’s universe. To do so, we created #myvitabreak, a 4-week challenge aiming to move more, live and eat healthier, sleep better and improve the daily work routine. We selected 35 Belgian bloggers who received a survival kit containing 28 tips to follow during 4 weeks and several accessories that would help them succeed the challenge. Throughout November, the participants shared their experience on their social media accounts and blogs. All the posts were also gathered on vitalinea.be (designed by TOYKYO, powered by Lunar Gravity) which served as a campaign hub.

In addition to the seeding strategy, we also created four advertorials with different ambassadors which were published in different target print publications. Later, a national ambassador campaign was set up to promote several new product varieties.

  • Making the brand visible online & offline
  • Develop and create a PR hook for new product launch
  • Build up a fan and seeding community
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Development and implementation of (product) seeding strategies and community building
  • Organisation and hosting of events
  • Coordinate content creation & video productions
  • Social Media Support