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VSV automodus

Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde (VSV) is on a mission to educate and raise awareness in the field of responsible driving. Since distraction caused by smartphone use behind the steering wheel still remains a major problem, VSV initiated an awareness campaign called “Automodus”. The campaign encourages drivers tempted by their smartphones to put their devices into “car mode” when they’re behind the wheel. And for the first time ever, this initiative was supported by all telecom operators.

VSV joined forces with Walkie Talkie to raise awareness for the road safety campaign on social media specifically. Walkie Talkie created engaging Instagram GIFs reflecting popular culture with wink to telecom product. With the nostalgic Nokia 3310 and the ‘Unagi’-move from the American television show Friends as (our own) all-time favorites. For the launch of “Automodus”, we teamed up with 20 key influencers within the age-group of 18 till 25. They all shared the moment they went into ‘Automodus’ while using the fetching GIFs. We also transformed the GIFs into printed stickers to they could literally stick them on the dashboard of their car as a visual reminder.

Thanks to the influencer campaign, we captured the attention of a significant group of Flemish drivers and made them reflect about the dangers of smartphone use while driving.

  • Set up qualitative influencer campaign
  • Ensure social media coverage for awareness campaign
  • Creative seeding package for key influencers
  • Creation of Instagram GIFs