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Wonder what? Wonderweekend! A lovely family festival in the most lush garden in the country: Meise Botanic Garden. For one weekend, families find themselves in a wormhole where anything can and will happen. This year’s theme took us to a magical underwater land where the craziest adventures were experienced: walking upside down in the trees, hitting a mermaid on the fishhook, the restaurant-without-cutlery…

For their seventh edition on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August, wonderweekend asked us to enhance their visibility in press and on socials. We sent out a press release to regional and lifestyle press about the concept of the festival, this year’s theme and information about the tickets and overnight stay possibilities.

Influencer collaborations

As we noticed that Walloon journalists were also interested in the family festival, we decided to send out a French press release as well to reach more media. Good move, because of the 27 clippings, 12 were French! All clippings together provided an ad value from over €200.000 and reached 4.919.366 people. In addition to a press approach, we set up 6 influencer collaborations. Through social content and a give-away, the influencers generated publicity for Wonderweekend, both before and during the event. The influencer collabs resulted in 169 IG stories and 9 fixed posts, good for a reach of 264.030 and an ad value of €16.640.

  • Making wonderweekend visible as a brand
  • Establish wonderweekend in the Belgian media landscape with focus on their next event
  • Build a fan community
  • Press & influencer relations for brands and organisations
  • Copywriting & editing of press releases
  • Coordinate content creation
  • Organize give-aways in collaboration with influencers