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Mark your agendas as the vibrant city of Ghent (European Youth Capital of 2024) is set to host the first edition of ASFALT – Flanders Street Festival in september 2024, promising to be a thrilling weekend of urban sports and culture. 

With skaters, slackline stunts, basketball showdowns, BMX, graffiti jams and much more on the program, Asfalt is poised to inspire you. Needless to say, this festival is right up our alley and we are delighted to support ASFALT with all things PR. 

ASFALT – Flanders Street Festival is more than just an event, it’s a force that unites different disciplines, locations, and communities under the banner of street sports and urban culture. By engaging both the street scene and local neighbourhoods, the festival creates an experience for all ages. It offers a wide array of activities for both participants and visitors, ranging from competitive to non-competitive street sports and bringing local, national, and international athletes to the city. International contests, workshops, demos, and initiations are organised to allow everyone to get involved. 

We can not wait to jump into the adrenaline-pumping world of urban sports and culture together with Lucky Tree and Fast Forward who will ensure a smooth organisation and production of the festival itself.

So stay tuned as in the next months we will bring our PR-approach to life with inspiring interviews, top-notch articles and an all-round visibility in the media.