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We create, seed & cultivate

Sure, the Walkie Talkie machine has similar cogs compared to other agencies, yet we operate in a slightly different way. Our philosophy is to always adopt a personal approach. We start from a passion that connects people and love to pitch bespoke stories that resonate with the right target audience.

As a full-service earned first public relations & influencer marketing agency our multilingual team of specialists includes strategists, project managers, creative copywriters, graphic designers and social media experts — stretching our expertise beyond those of traditional public relations.

What’s more: each team member has their own specific background, interests and proven track record within various industries including travel, food, fashion, tech, music, cultural, corporate comms and beyond. This helps us develop and support integrated communication approaches for all our client’s needs. Besides that, we also believe in sustainable collaborations and love to work hand in hand with all involved parties.

In Belgium, our native Dutch- and French-speaking teams cover Flanders, Brussels, and the Walloon region from our HQ in Ghent. Additionally, when requested, we extend our scope to include the Netherlands and/or Luxembourg, ensuring an integrated BENE(LUX) approach for our clients. At the core of our operations lies our extensive network, our strong relationships, and an in-depth knowledge of our local media landscape. As this varies from country to country we often extend our expertise with existing partner agencies to successfully navigate any local nuances effectively.

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