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Influencer relations

Want to associate your brand with the right people or ambassadors? We’ll hook you up! Our influencer marketing campaigns are rooted in strategies that rely less on reach and more on the authenticity. We help our clients identify impactful and credible influencers for the job.

Tailor-made and personal approach

When it comes to influencer marketing, we deploy the same tailor-made and personal approach as we do with press. The right person doesn’t necessarily equal the influencer with the biggest reach. You might get more eyeballs but are they eyeballs that care? Our lean and mean approaches sometimes focus on a larger group of micro influencers to carry a story.  

And our track record proves these tactics just click. Combine extensive experience – Walkie Talkie’s founders have been industry pioneers over the past decade – with integrated influencer marketing platforms and we’ve got the proper insights from the start of a briefing. And before you ask: yes we have the most extensive influencer database in Belgium at our disposal.

  • Maintain blogger and influencer relations
  • Define and implement impactful influencer strategies
  • Multi-channel approach! You say Instagram? We say TikTok and Twitch!
  • Create inclusive and authentic stories with cultural relevance
  • Coordinate content creation (from video productions and photoshoots to social media storylines)
  • Social media support
  • Product seedings
  • Handle influencer partnerships
  • Facilitate (artist) collaborations and brand installations
  • Measure and track influencer campaigns with data analytics
  • Set-up and host digital events or livestreams