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SBS Belgium challenged Walkie Talkie to create a teaser campaign on Instagram for the new season of the Flemish tv-show “De Mol”. The main goal was to create buzz and spark interest amongst fans about the 8th season of the show.

As “De Mol” takes place in Greece this year, the teaser campaign was focused around the Greek symbol Omega (meaning ‘the end’). With the Omega sign and the mysterious date (‘26/04/2020’), SBS Belgium wanted to create a wave of confusion by making people think that this date would be the start of the show. After a while it became clear that the date wasn’t the start of the show, but the date on which the final episode was aired.

Walkie Talkie came up with a seeding approach to fuel the desired wave of confusion. We designed a plate with the Omega symbol and date on the front side, and a QR code on the back. When scanning the QR code, influencers were redirected to a dedicated Instagram account ‘@omega26042020’. A video post showed al Greek monk breaking the plate, pushing the influencer to break their own plate in order to discover the secret message (the save the date) behind the QR code.

For the launch of the campaign, we joined forces with 4 key influencers with a large following base in Flanders. This enthusiastic quartet received an Omega plate combined with clear instructions. We also surprised 100 other influencers with this Omega plate and successfully sparked their curiosity. This resulted in over 200 Instagram stories and reached more than 500.000 individual users. 

Furthermore, we conceptualized an Instagram face-filter where users could discover if they are a good liar. This filter was launched right before the start of the show at the beginning of March to boost traffic towards the official Instagram account ‘@demolopvier’ (before: @omega26042020).

  • Collaborate with key influencers
  • Set-up teasing seeding approach
  • Boosting reach and generating traffic towards a new Instagram account
  • Coordinating content creation with key influencers
  • Ensure maximal coverage on social media