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Merci papa! Merci Omer!

For five generations, the Vander Ghinste fathers have passed on, not only their family recipe but also the name Omer, to their firstborn sons.

For this year’s Father’s Day, Omer Vander Ghinste brewery reversed this tradition as they created a special Father’s Day gift box to honour all fathers for the occasion. The perfect gift, as people were able to write a small thank you note right on the packaging for a personal touch.


Despite a very short lead time, Walkie Talkie devised a fitting press approach in order to target the right media. Our press coverage finally led to an accumulated reach of over 4.5 million views as most tier 1 outlets picked up the news! Additionally, we tailored a smart influencer approach in which we kept the dad’s out of the loop until the big day!

20 influencers (the partners of beer drinking husbands) received the product two weeks before D-day and shared the gift box on Instagram as the perfect Father’s day surprise. By using the “hide story from” feature on Instagram the influencers were able to not spoil the dad’s surprise until Father’s Day. The result? An estimated reach of 230,75K and the cutest reactions from the happy fathers.

  • Copywriting press release
  • Distribution press mailing & personal sell-in
  • Handling of media partnerships
  • Develop a seeding program targeting the right influencers
  • Social Media Support