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The last week of November is dedicated to something that is close to the heart of every self-respecting Belgian. Our national pride: freshly baked, delicious fries from ‘de frituur’, which is one of Belgium’s most famous cultural and gastronomic outputs!

During that week, our client VLAM celebrates – for the 20th time since its start – the ‘Week van de Friet’. During this edition we teamed up with Supermachine, and opted to put the spotlight on our cultural and culinary heritage.

Something The cultural heritage fact you can take quite literally as this year’s actions during the #weekvandefriet paid an extensive tribute to our Belgian pride. In five cities, famous statues paid their own tribute to celebrated ‘frietjes van de frituur’. By showing up in these unexpected places, we wanted to remind everyone of the pride we rightly cherish for our Belgian fries.

From national to regionalinfluencer posts to newspapers, television and radio, it was all there. This way we ensured that #weekvandefriet was placed on the radar of all age groups.

  • Make Week van de Friet visible among all age groups in Flanders.
  • Ensure widespread media coverage in Flanders.
  • Set up broad influencer collaborations during Week van de Friet, to ensure maximum reach.
  • Concept creation for red thread throughout the campaign.
  • Align with several cities to implement the campaign and get the right approvals.
  • Set up mediadeals.
  • Copywriting of press releases.
  • Calculation or PR and social media values of campaign.