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Beyond the numbers: why local data matter to media

In today’s world, we are online more than ever with an almost 24/7 global news stream within reach. This has ups and downs: e.g.journalists don’t always have the time or means to dig into the amount of handed information and look for story angles that match their audiences’ interests. As every cloud has a silver lining: brands have the opportunity to offer media the tailored and tangible content pieces they are looking for. How? By committing to customized surveys for local data. 

Thought-leadership, broader media scope and more  

Those studies are the bread and butter of market research companies such as Ipsos, InSites Consulting, GfK and iVOX. In combination with a partner like that – Walkie Talkie manages and consults clients from A to Z, brands can offer media valuable content. News pieces with a touch of local numbers and take-aways that transcend your everyday product launch or business news announcement are appealing both to journalists and consumers.

Brands benefit from surveys too, in more ways than one, by:

  • Positioning themselves as thought-leaders in their domain to Belgian media, by providing valuable insights unknown to or unthought of by competitors.  
  • Addressing other media types than a brand’s usual suspects, broadening their scope. 
  • Hitting two birds with one stone by distilling multiple press releases from one survey.  
  • Seizing the moment by communicating in periods with few broad news stories such as during the summer. 

It is safe to say that local data and take-aways are attractive formats for both journalists and consumers, and a must for brands to consider. Take it from our close contact Rik Hannes, Insights Sales Officer at iVOX Leuven: ‘Surveys create powerful consumer insights, newsworthy branded stories and media campaigns driven by a strong focus on connecting with consumers. Its power lies in the fact that it provides a multitude of interactive conversation and feedback channels with brands and media.’ 

Tangible cases

As actions speak louder than words, here are some examples of our clients:

Interested in finding out how Walkie Talkie can help your company to offer media tailored and tangible content pieces, address other media types and position your brand as a thought-leader all in one? Please reach out to us via walkie@talkie.be or +32 (0)9 391 60 63. We don’t bite.