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Walkie Talkie - Upgrade Estate - maart 2019

Head in the clouds: Student tower, Bro Upkot, brightens up Ghentian skyline

Soon, the Ghentian skyline will have a new breathtaking eye-catcher. The innovative real estate developer Upgrade Estate started building a 20 stories high student tower, named Bro Upkot. Surrounded by nature, water and several school campuses, it is the ideal surrounding for more than threehundred  students who will be moving in a year from now.  Not only will it be the highest student building in the region, it is full of eco-friendly solutions. As a result they will be able to save the equivalent of at least 82 return flights Brussels-Lissabon.

PR approach

Walkie Talkie supported the announcement of Bro Upkot with a press release and a tailor-made approach for journalists. With personal follow-up we focused on one of the different strengths of Upgrade Estate. It was not hard to find unique stories: the creativity and personal involvement to interior of one of the co-founders, their ecological ambitions, their unique business plan and their social and community engagement.

Curious to know what makes Upgrade Estate different than other realtors? Take a look at their projects and way of working at upgrade-estate.be.