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Cheers to Alken-Maes, Cristal and Desperados!

Alken-Maes raises its glass to Walkie Talkie as its new PR partner. We will handle the lifestyle and corporate communication strategy for the company Alken-Maes and its production sites, as well as their beer brands Cristal and Desperados.

What 2023 has in store for us? We’ll give you a sneak peak.

Alken-Maes: centenary brewery and CO2-neutral update

Alken-Maes is the result of the 1988 merger between the Maes Brewery and the Alken Brewery. The Alken brewery is the beating heart of Alken-Maes and goes way back: it celebrates its 100th (!) anniversary this year. A perfect moment to honour the current employees, and to look back on the evolution the centenary went through. Alken-Maes also looks determinedly to the next 100 years, and takes futher important steps towards CO2-neutral production for all its production sites by 2030. A leading and crucial role in that story will be played by Mouterij Albert in Puurs-Sint-Amands.

Cristal: lager pioneer brewing even more local and sustainable

The very first Belgian lager? Cristal, in 1928. And almost a century later, Cristal continues to innovate passionately. This is reflected in an active commitment to brewing an even more local lager: with 100% green electricity – from two windmills and from right on the rooftop of the brewery. And with as many hops and barley as possible sourced from Belgian farmers. For hops, Cristal works closely with, among others, the Flemish company ‘t Hoppecruyt and the Wallonian company Forrest Farm – good for 70% Belgian hops in Cristal lager in 2023. On top of that – at the request of Belgian lager lovers – Cristal launched Cristal XTRA, a lager with extra flavour thanks to its unique blend of 3 grains. Ideal for moments when you just need a little extra. Do you prefer a moment without alcohol? Then there also is their Cristal 0.0%.

Desperados, synonym for pleasure in a safe environment

Desperados, the beer with an aroma of tequila will continue to accompany partygoers this year with its sparkling presence at festivals such as Extrema Outdoor and Pukkelpop to name just two. Desperados will also continue to build on its successful ‘unlock your vibe’ campaign: a heartfelt invitation to young people to totally immerse themselves in the moment and be free of external expectations. Being in the moment is also perfectly possible without alcohol, with Desperados Virgin 0.0%. And just like last year Desperados will again work closely with the Wel Jong non-profit association on this campaign.