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Christelijke Mutualiteit wants to know how you’re really feeling

Mid-September, Christelijke Mutualiteit revealed some interesting insights from a recent study about mental health issues and the role of the environment. They discovered that more than 23% of the respondents who’ve dealt with mental issues in the past doesn’t talk about this with friends or family. Furthermore, they uncovered men (27,8%) have more trouble talking about mental health problems than women (20,3%). 
Christelijke Mutualiteit launched a new campaign introducing a new, sincere, question mark (.?.). With the use of this new punctuation mark, people can make clear they really want to know how the other one is feeling. They also want to make it easier to talk about mental health problems with your environment and break the taboo that surrounds the issue.

PR Approach

Walkie Talkie supported the announcement of Christelijke Mutualiteit’ new campaign with a a tailor-made approach for journalists by reaching out to them with results from the study and the launch of the new campaign. We also teamed up with Kaart Blanche to create 3 unique cards to send to key influencers to spur them to ask their friends and family how they are really doing. The result? The sincere question mark was shared numerous times on social media and received a lot of media attention.
Read more about it on cm.be/oprechtevraagteken