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With this message, Flemish bloggers were presented a very creepy and mysterious box. Luckily, they all had the guts to open the box, only to find more creepy stuff…
These special boxes announced the release of the new episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead on FOX.

We’re not sure if it’s the most bloody drama on air, but we do know it’s the most popular one! It reigns as television’s most watched drama for adults between 18 and 49 years old, and has done so consecutively for the last four years.
The bloggers could channel their inner sinister side with all the macabre goodies they received, but what was exactly in the boxes?

  • Lifelike scary zombietattoos of Mon Tattoo
  • Bloodcapsules to fake your own horrible zombie encounter gone wrong
  • An information card with more info about launch date and call to action for sharing on social media
  • The real eye catcher however was the cut off finger in each box! This disturbing object was skillfully created by one of our clients: master chocolatier Marijn Coertjens. He used marzipan to mimic a real finger (he used his own finger as an example and wow, what a result!). The finger was perfectly edible (and yummy), although we wonder if anyone actually dared to have a bite!
  • This all was topped with a lot of (fake) blood drops and smears on the inside and outside of the package

We had a lot of fun making the boxes and enjoyed viewing the reactions of the bloggers, who had a blast opening theirs.
Although some of them were a bit creeped out, it was an ideal start for the new exciting episodes that are aired on FOX (every Monday at 22.30h)!