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HELLO BIO-planet

From 2023, our agency will work for Bio-Planet with an all-round lifestyle & corporate communication strategy towards media, partners and stakeholders of Bio-Planet.

Bio-Planet has everything for those who want to make conscious choices, from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, meat and veggie, bread and toppings, to ecological care and cleaning products. In addition, the store also offers a wide range for people with intolerances (gluten, lactose, etc.).

Deborah Dekrem, PR account manager at Walkie Talkie:

We have a healthy dose of enthusiasm to get off to a flying start for Bio-Planet. As fans from the very beginning, we will bring the beautiful stories to the media and of course give them our own Walkie Talkie twist.

Ruth Evenepoel (Strategic marketer, Bio-Planet):

We are eager to put our really good and sustainable products and the producers who put their heart and soul into the spotlight day after day so that they get the attention they deserve. In addition, we also want to set up high-profile campaigns with Walkie Talkie on socially relevant sustainability themes such as health, climate issues, a plant-based diet or dealing with intolerances.

Did you know that Bio-Planet and Colruyt Group Academy together give inspiring workshops on organic food, well-being and sustainability? More info through this link.

Or take a look on www.bioplanet.be, where you can discover all the products.

If you like sustainable, healthy and delicious pure food, Bio-Planet is the place to be!