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Walkie Talkie - HARIBO - april 2019

#ILoveHARIBO – What’s your favorite?

When it comes to HARIBO, we all have our favorites. Whether it’s one of those cute little gummy bears or cherries, we know exactly which one we want to grab first. For years, Belgians have been enjoying these sweets, which evoke mouth-watering memories and are among the most popular and well-known candy. That’s not surprising, because for 99 years, we all know kids and grown-ups love the Happy World of HARIBO!

This year, HARIBO turned to Walkie Talkie to assist in celebrating the seven most beloved HARIBO sweets in Belgium: Frogs, Happy Cola, Bananas, Happy Peaches, Dragibus, Happy Cherries and Goldbears. With #ILoveHARIBO, we will honour the most iconic sweets this year.

Influencer campaign

Our team set up an influencer campaign to generate more awareness. What better way to celebrate the iconic candy than by gifting yummy seeding packages to 30 carefully selected influencers? We sent these lucky sweet tooths a tribute to their personal favorite candy. To ensure online visibility, the package included a limited-edition t-shirt, a hand-drawn illustration of Marie Bodie and an iconic poster by LINDA. Photographer Frank Brandwijk. This resulted in attracting and colorful visual coverage on social media.

Everyone has their favorite, what’s yours? Share it on social media by mentioning #ILoveHARIBO!