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Walkie Talkie - Marie-Stella-Maris - Bastiaan Woudt - MUKONO

Marie-Stella-Maris: pure products with pure intentions

Sometimes an ending brings a new beginning. At the very end of 2017, we warmly welcomed Marie-Stella-Maris as a new client. 

After the United Nations declared access to clean water as one of the most important human rights, business partners Patrick Munsters and Carl Neuberg took action by founding Marie-Stella-Maris in 2010. The high end brand focusses on mineral water as well as interior and care products based on natural ingredients. Along with pure products, Marie Stella Maris also has pure intentions: they consciously donate a fixed amount for every sold product to the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation, that supports clean water projects world wide. 

In honour of World Water Day, Marie-Stella-Maris collaborated with photographer Bastiaan Woudt to create the limited edition book Mukono, named after the region in Uganda where he documented one of their clean water projects. The photo book beautifully captures the project, the area and its inhabitants in a collection of monochrome and surreal shots. Walkie Talkie raised awareness for the book release and thus for the social mission of the brand. Our team is also supporting the presence of Marie-Stella-Maris as a brand in Belgian online and offline media. Not only focussing on lifestyle and beauty press, but also working together with carefully selected influencers to ensure visibility online.

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