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NEW CLIENT: Oise Tourisme

Located only 3 hours from Brussels, on the road leading to Paris, the french department of Oise has a lot to offer. Domaine de Chantilly, Pierrefonds castle, Parc Astérix, to only name a few, are all amazing places, appealing young and old, and contributing to the dazzling richness of Oise. 

Nearly 128,000 hectares of state-owned forest welcome you with open arms! From the small authentic and flowery village of Gerberoy to the last nail factory in France, and the discovery of the Ergaster distillery and its first Picardy whisky, one thing is sure: you will be surprised!

PR approach

We support Oise Tourisme by plugging the right story to the right media. This yearly pr-approach will consist in various press releases focussing on different thematics and events, together with a tailored sell-in approach and press trips with a strong focus on gastronomy this fall.