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Walkie Talkie is overjoyed to welcome household name Smeg to its portfolio as of January 2023.

Smeg is an Italian manufacturer of large and smaller home appliances that puts design & technology first. Smeg might be best known for their iconic FAB refrigerators but are also an expert in ovens, furnaces as well as smaller kitchen appliances such as toasters, cookers and coffee machines.

PR account manager on Smeg, Maureen Richard is excited to get started for the brand:

Smeg is such an iconic brand. There is over 70 years of passion and knowledge contained in those wonderful products and it shows. I have a Smeg refrigerator at home myself, it just remains a timeless eye-catcher in your interior.

Did you know? Smeg was founded by the Bertazzoni family and they still run the brand from the location where it all began, in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in Italy.