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Walkie Talkie - Danone - December 2016

#boostyourpositivity with Activia

Activia is back with a second edition of #boostyourpositivity. Once again we challenge you to join #boostyourpositivity and share your experiences with everyone.

Combining a family with a full-time job, and having to find time for yourself can be hectic. Activia sets out to help you ook for tips and tricks that can balance work and private life with the help of Lies, Kelly, Alidz & Emilie.

Throughout the months of October and November you can find tips and tricks on their blogs and #boostyourpositivity website. Every two weeks, a new topic is discussed. The starting signal was given September 21, theme : breakfast. In the next weeks you can expect advice on the themes of work, body and kids.

Want to find out more? Visit http://boostyourpositivity.be/